THE SCENE: Now Available on iTunes!

We’re very excited to announce that The Scene: An Exploration of Music in Toronto is now available for purchase and rental on iTunes! To order your HD digital copy, please visit the iTunes Store today! Don’t forget to rate, review, and share!

Canadians, order here. Americans, order here.

Thank you to the cast and crew, including Paige Cora, Alex Pulec, Juliana Iannuzziello, Jason Cipparrone, Mike McDonnell, Steve Bronstein, Cary Corvair, Matt Dratva, Dan Barsi, Josh Dennis, Dave Taylor, John Brand, Mark Jacoby, Bif Naked, Steve “Lips” Kudlow, Robb Reiner, Rik Emmett, Dave Monks, Graham Wright, Sal Costa, Joel Carriere, Liam Killeen, Barry Taylor, John Davies, Ian Bodzasi, Josh Colle, Ted Axe, Scott Lathwood, David Killing, David Koiter, Adam Brandon, Tim O’Reilly, Genevieve Lui, Ian Koiter, MPSO, Tunturia.

And a special thanks to everyone who has supported the film throughout planning, shooting, editing, screening, and distribution!